Jonas A. McCaffery, founder of Gamma-Ray Press, is a Nebraska born, Vermont based letterpress printer who creates images using old technology and new techniques. Inspired by science, mystery, myth and magic, McCaffery channels those genres of pulp fiction and pop culture into propagated, handmade art that focus on storytelling. McCaffery became fascinated by letterpress’ evolutionary change from dying trade to art movement. He has dedicated himself to be a missionary for the new renaissance of printing, causing him to harness the traits needed to be a modern printer, some of which are, but are not limited to: patience, technophilia, typographilia, historical understanding, patience (again), illustrative hands, keen eyes, thriftiness, a mad scientist disposition, and patience (did I mention that).
McCaffery was immersed in the world of words when was working at the Arthur & Mata Jaffe Center for Book Arts as a student assistant while getting his BA in Media and Cultural studies at Florida Atlantic University. Beyond graduation, he apprenticed under artist and educator Melanie Mowinski at her PRESS: Letterpress as Public Art Project. He is now the Letterpress Shop Assistant at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA.